Thursday, 22 October 2015

What's in my College Make up Bag

I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22!) but I really can not be bothered with constantly having to reapply make up through out the day I'd much rather be napping or eating or I suppose socialising though sleep is better. For me I'll spend like an extra 5 minutes making sure my makeup will last through the day just so I don't have to go and touch up during lunch. Not that most of the time you need to touch it up anyway, come on by the end of the day everyone has make up half down there face am I right? Oh just me. Okay.

However there is those really bad skin days, or those mornings when you waking up 2 minutes before you need to catch the bus and have no time to do anything but get dressed and brush your teeth. These are where you might need a little something to apply during your day.

Gone are the days where I would lug around my entire make up bag every day to school and add concealer and powder in breaks even when I didn't need to. I just can't be bothered for one especially when I have so many art materials to carry around and it's also just not necessary! I did a lot of other really silly make things back in the day, check out my post on Beauty Advice for my Younger Self for a good old laugh at me!

I hate leaving my brows untouched so a clear mascara can just be used to brush over them quickly so at least they sit in the right place, this one is from Maybelline but I don't know where I even got it from. If you want as well you can use it on your lashes but I don't think it does a lot anyway.

Next a colour correcting concealer from Maxfactor which I don't really like too much, hence being kept in a place where it doesn't get too much use. I still keep it in there although I'm not a huge fan, because all my other concealers are way to precious to not get used everyday! I also keep this Real techniques brush in there to blend it out.

Of course you also need powder, this probably gets used quite a lot more during the summer months to rid myself of the shininess, I really like this little translucent powder from Make Up Forever because a little goes a long way and it's such a small pot. However it is loose powder so is a bit of a nightmare when your in a rush. And if you have powder you going to need a brush. I've had this brush for so many years from Bare minerals, it literally has been my little baby ever since I first tried high end make up when I got my foundations started kit from them. Oh the mems.

Theres also this lipstick from Mac in the shade Angle, definitely not my favourite shade but a great light colour for a more natural look. I also keep this perfume sample from Chanel I have so many random ones of these I constantly change this out because they run out quick and I'm always in need of a quick sprits.

Other essentials are a travel deodorant, always a must, tampons because I am a girl and they are needed, and who doesn't need tic tacs in their make up bag? I do and in 2 flavours clearly.

My make up bag came in a glossy box a few months ago and is a perfect little size for the few things I have in there. 

Isn't it nice to have a clear bag with your tampons roaming free! Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you keep in your make up bag for school or college or work etc, or do you even bother at all?


  1. I just keep my lipstick of the day and a powder with a brush in my makeup bag as I'm usually re-applying these at least once a day, otherwise I just leave the rest at home xx