Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Random Stuff I Bought in Japan!

Of course being a really bad with spending money how could I possibly resist buying random crap whilst in Tokyo! In my defence there are so many things out there that are so different to what we have and I just wanted to try everything, but really that is just an excuse I gave myself when I realized the amount of utter sheit I purchased! 

My dad told me that they have really strange sweets so obviously I had to try as many as possibly, I picked up so many different ones and some were really good and some not as much but for the most part a lot were similar to some that we have. Though I tried these jelly stick and pots seen below which were very weird, kinda like jelly but also a little harder like a jelly sweet? They have so many different Kit Kat Flavours as well out there, and oddly no original plain chocolate anywhere! I tried the strawberry, wasabi, which aren't spicy just have a little tingle to them, and these other ones in the photo I was told were purple sweet potato but actually I don't know what it was, nice though!

Strange crisp flavours as well like these pizza flavored crisps I bought, surprisingly a bit of a let down. But someone else on the trip bought these doritos that were taco flavoured, I kid you not it was one of the best things I've ever tasted, it was like a willy wonka crisp. When I ate it I closed my eyes and you could taste the meat as well as the guacamole and cheese, actually incredible but I couldn't find them again anywhere we went. 

How could you go to Japan and not buy chopsticks? I bought this gorgeous set for my parents and then for my friends and myself I bought these chopsticks with Japan written on them, and after that week I am defiantely a pro, and like them so much that on the plane back I ate my pasta with them! I also bought a little shot glass with sumo wrestlers on them 

Lots of Love