Saturday, 19 December 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illumimators

If there's one, pretty much unnecessary, makeup product I could not live without, it would be a good old highlighter. Which you can probably tell by my post, A Glowing Obsession, all about my obsession with illuminators and highlighters!

Prior to having these absolutely beautiful products in my life I hadn't actually tried anything from Anastasia Beverly Hill, though I always wanted to, the brow and contour products are definitely on my list. I have the colours, Starlight and So Hollywood, which are aimed to be perfect for the fairer end of the skin tones, however there are 2 other colours Peach Nectar and Rivera, better for deeper skin tones. But I still want all of them to be honest even though the other 2 might not work as well with my skin, but I'm sure I could make them work, in some way!

First off the packaging as always is very slick using the glossy black with simple metallic writing and design, I don't think you can really go wrong with black and rose gold now can you? It also is very sturdy and doesn't feel cheap in any way, I know this pretty well because I have dropped them so many times already and the product remains completely in tacked! It comes with a large mirror inside which fills up the whole space of the lid, a feature I love for on the go. Also the fastening to keep it shut is very strong so it won't go flying open in your makeup bag, but of course is not difficult to open. One of my favorite things besides the actual formula itself is the design engraved into the powder, they have gone for this gorgeous art deco design that sadly is starting fade away from my products from using them so much!

Although they may be a pressed powder by no means are they powdery. As soon as you swatch the product you'll see me point, it's the strangest thing they are so creamy and almost bouncy, what I mean is I have put a slight pressure on the product and it bassically springs back! Probably imagined this completely but it made me so excited! And as far as the colours go I can't stop staring at my face when I have them on so you could say I like them a little bit. Starlight is this a white gold colour, that has a lot of cool and also warm tones to it, as well when you catch it in the light it has a pinky purple undertone to it that's so eye catching in natural lighting. And then So Hollywood is a gold/ copper colour with a lot of dimension to it within the shimmer, also when you catch it in some light has a slight pinky tone to it.

The brand released these as limited edition and have been on sale I think for around 2-3 months so you might want to snatch them up fast, but I think they have been pretty popular and I don't see why they wouldn't make them a permanent product especially for summer time. there isn't actually anything I don't love about them they are my little babies, possibly the only thing would be if they truly will be limited edition, I don't know how I'll survive if I ran out!

Have you tried out these illuminators? Tell me what's your guilty pleasure makeup product?

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  1. Wow the packaging looks so good and the shades as well! Thanks for your review!

    xoxo Emily