Sunday, 25 October 2015

Romantic Movies For a Cosy Autumn Night In

When it comes to Autumn and winter time something I love to do is just have cosy night in when its raining or cold outside and just wrap up warm in loads of blankets and watch a movie. I don't know what it is but I really enjoy romantic films in autumn and winter, I feel like they have way more effect on my feeling and mood compared to summer. 

These 5 all picked out here I think are the best for these kind of nights, they either are set around this time of year or have parts which are or even the film itself just remind me of a cosy night, they just make me feel all warm in side. Now you can have a cosy night in with your friends and loved ones or like me, sit in your room on your own, which I'm not going to lie is just as fun!

First of all there is Remember Me, one of my absolute favourite films, mainly because it has Robert Pattinson in it but also the story line. It makes me cry every time and it being set in New York always makes me feel very Autumnal.

Then there's One Day, probably not of of my favourites because of the way it ends, I'm not going to spoil it if you haven't read it or seen it but it really bugs me. Though if I do watch it, it will be around this time of year and I feel like I can enjoy it a bit more. 

Save The Last Dance, although may not be predominantly classed a romantic film it has a lot of romance in it. I love Julia Stiles in it she plays her character so well and a lot of the dancing is presented really good, it's just such a good film, I love it.

P.S. I Love You, a classic movie, so classic in fact that I seem to have managed to retain 2 copies of it, no idea how this happened ! Even when I went to look for taking the pictures and I had even organised them next to each other ages ago! A pretty sad film but it makes you feel so warm because of how romantic it is.

And lastly there is The Time Traveler's Wife. This is a book as well and I haven't personally read it but my mum has and said it's really confusing sometimes like the film can be but the film does explain it a little better so I still want to read it but I'm not sure if I will like it. For me I really love dystopian worlds and things that, as far as we know, don't exist and books and movie with that sort of idea in are my favourite so I do really like this film but where it drops in and out of time you do kind of need to pay attention.

What sort of Movies do you love for a cosy night in? Do you love any of these as much as I do?


  1. I am obsessed with watching romantic movies! P.S I Love You is one of my all time favorite movies :) Great post!

    1. I know it's such a girly thing to do but I love it! P.S. I love you is such a feel good film thank you for the comment!

  2. One Day and Save the Last Dance are two of my favourite lovey dovey films to watch for very different reasons haha xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I watched Save the Last Dance again last night and I've been reminded how much I love that film!

    2. I watched Save the Last Dance again last night and I've been reminded how much I love that film!