Monday, 19 October 2015

A Child Stuck in an Adults Body

Last Friday on the 16th of October 2015 I turned 18 years old. I am now, according to the British government, an Adult. How absolutely weird is that. I still feel so little, a baby how can I be 18 already it's insane. I am literally a child stuck in an adults body, I do stupid things I act silly I'm sometimes completely immature but apparently I've lived for 18 years so I must have some wisdom in me. I feel a least 10 years old and hopefully I look better than I did back then, it still shocks me every time I say I am 18.

I had amazing Birthday with so many lovely gifts and experiences, I really do have amazing parents, family and friends. I cried in the morning of my Birthday, I know lame right, I was just so overwhelmed with love and support I wasn't expecting it to be like that I am so grateful. My mum woke me up to cheesy Happy Birthday music and  put balloons, banners and photos of me when I was little and recent ones too, it was so cute.

I can legally drink, go clubbing, which I very much enjoyed on my birthday and see 18 rated movies! I really only wanted to remind myself of these things to be honest.

Anyway I just wanted to say how I had amazing birthday and I'm so thankful for everything.

Love Sophie

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  1. hope you had a good birthday:-)xx

    1. Thank you so much I did it was great!