Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Skincare Suprises

My skin the past month or so has been off there seems to be something new everyday may it be a dry area or a massively visible spot. However there has been some definite improvements as the days have gone on, and surprising have come from unexpected places.

I'm at the moment receiving Glossy boxes, which if you don't know what it is, it's basically a subscription service that sends you a new box every month with new beauty products. The first few months I was loving it but as the months have gone on I don't really think they are worth the money, it's not that the products are bad they just don't excite me anymore. Anyway in my August box nothing stood out except the cleanser the Sass Purifying Cleanser.

Okay at first, I need to admit I thought it was like a balm cleanser meaning you put it on a dry face and wash off, only because of the way it explains the application. Well it's not that type of cleanser and so stung my face after a few uses until I thought, 'Wait, what if you use it like a normal cleanser?' and after that it worked a dream. I see such a different in my pores and in the tightness, it feel so soothing and purifying (as the name describes) when you use it as well as moisturising, a definite repurchase soon and maybe try out a few other products by the company. And that's what I love about beauty boxes, you get to try out new products that you might not have tried otherwise but I think I'm just having a bit of a hit and miss at the moment.

Simple is an amazing low end brand with so many products that I love and adore. But never did I think I would find myself enjoying these two quite so much.

Toner always was a complete mystery to me I didn't get what it was for let alone want to spend my money on it. However I decided to finally get on the toner band wagon and understand what it's all about. So I read up on it and decided to start out on a cheaper option from a pretty trust worthy brand and see if I actually notice a difference. The whole point of them is to finish off the cleansing process after you've actually cleansed, to get those last bits and reduce visibility of pores etcetera. I think the Soothing Facial Toner does just that, there is still so much crap on you face even after you cleanse, I had no idea.

My skin is very annoying in the way it's extremely dry in places and very oily in others. So a moisturiser that really enriches my dry skin but also doesn't make me a shiny mess is hard to find but I think this Replenishing Rich Moisturiser does a pretty good job of that.

Often we associate money with high quality when a lot of the time the best things don't come with a huge price tag like these items, that will teach me not to expect much from a cheaper product!

What products have surprised you?

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Romantic Movies For a Cosy Autumn Night In

When it comes to Autumn and winter time something I love to do is just have cosy night in when its raining or cold outside and just wrap up warm in loads of blankets and watch a movie. I don't know what it is but I really enjoy romantic films in autumn and winter, I feel like they have way more effect on my feeling and mood compared to summer. 

These 5 all picked out here I think are the best for these kind of nights, they either are set around this time of year or have parts which are or even the film itself just remind me of a cosy night, they just make me feel all warm in side. Now you can have a cosy night in with your friends and loved ones or like me, sit in your room on your own, which I'm not going to lie is just as fun!

First of all there is Remember Me, one of my absolute favourite films, mainly because it has Robert Pattinson in it but also the story line. It makes me cry every time and it being set in New York always makes me feel very Autumnal.

Then there's One Day, probably not of of my favourites because of the way it ends, I'm not going to spoil it if you haven't read it or seen it but it really bugs me. Though if I do watch it, it will be around this time of year and I feel like I can enjoy it a bit more. 

Save The Last Dance, although may not be predominantly classed a romantic film it has a lot of romance in it. I love Julia Stiles in it she plays her character so well and a lot of the dancing is presented really good, it's just such a good film, I love it.

P.S. I Love You, a classic movie, so classic in fact that I seem to have managed to retain 2 copies of it, no idea how this happened ! Even when I went to look for taking the pictures and I had even organised them next to each other ages ago! A pretty sad film but it makes you feel so warm because of how romantic it is.

And lastly there is The Time Traveler's Wife. This is a book as well and I haven't personally read it but my mum has and said it's really confusing sometimes like the film can be but the film does explain it a little better so I still want to read it but I'm not sure if I will like it. For me I really love dystopian worlds and things that, as far as we know, don't exist and books and movie with that sort of idea in are my favourite so I do really like this film but where it drops in and out of time you do kind of need to pay attention.

What sort of Movies do you love for a cosy night in? Do you love any of these as much as I do?

Thursday, 22 October 2015

What's in my College Make up Bag

I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22!) but I really can not be bothered with constantly having to reapply make up through out the day I'd much rather be napping or eating or I suppose socialising though sleep is better. For me I'll spend like an extra 5 minutes making sure my makeup will last through the day just so I don't have to go and touch up during lunch. Not that most of the time you need to touch it up anyway, come on by the end of the day everyone has make up half down there face am I right? Oh just me. Okay.

However there is those really bad skin days, or those mornings when you waking up 2 minutes before you need to catch the bus and have no time to do anything but get dressed and brush your teeth. These are where you might need a little something to apply during your day.

Gone are the days where I would lug around my entire make up bag every day to school and add concealer and powder in breaks even when I didn't need to. I just can't be bothered for one especially when I have so many art materials to carry around and it's also just not necessary! I did a lot of other really silly make things back in the day, check out my post on Beauty Advice for my Younger Self for a good old laugh at me!

I hate leaving my brows untouched so a clear mascara can just be used to brush over them quickly so at least they sit in the right place, this one is from Maybelline but I don't know where I even got it from. If you want as well you can use it on your lashes but I don't think it does a lot anyway.

Next a colour correcting concealer from Maxfactor which I don't really like too much, hence being kept in a place where it doesn't get too much use. I still keep it in there although I'm not a huge fan, because all my other concealers are way to precious to not get used everyday! I also keep this Real techniques brush in there to blend it out.

Of course you also need powder, this probably gets used quite a lot more during the summer months to rid myself of the shininess, I really like this little translucent powder from Make Up Forever because a little goes a long way and it's such a small pot. However it is loose powder so is a bit of a nightmare when your in a rush. And if you have powder you going to need a brush. I've had this brush for so many years from Bare minerals, it literally has been my little baby ever since I first tried high end make up when I got my foundations started kit from them. Oh the mems.

Theres also this lipstick from Mac in the shade Angle, definitely not my favourite shade but a great light colour for a more natural look. I also keep this perfume sample from Chanel I have so many random ones of these I constantly change this out because they run out quick and I'm always in need of a quick sprits.

Other essentials are a travel deodorant, always a must, tampons because I am a girl and they are needed, and who doesn't need tic tacs in their make up bag? I do and in 2 flavours clearly.

My make up bag came in a glossy box a few months ago and is a perfect little size for the few things I have in there. 

Isn't it nice to have a clear bag with your tampons roaming free! Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you keep in your make up bag for school or college or work etc, or do you even bother at all?

Monday, 19 October 2015

A Child Stuck in an Adults Body

Last Friday on the 16th of October 2015 I turned 18 years old. I am now, according to the British government, an Adult. How absolutely weird is that. I still feel so little, a baby how can I be 18 already it's insane. I am literally a child stuck in an adults body, I do stupid things I act silly I'm sometimes completely immature but apparently I've lived for 18 years so I must have some wisdom in me. I feel a least 10 years old and hopefully I look better than I did back then, it still shocks me every time I say I am 18.

I had amazing Birthday with so many lovely gifts and experiences, I really do have amazing parents, family and friends. I cried in the morning of my Birthday, I know lame right, I was just so overwhelmed with love and support I wasn't expecting it to be like that I am so grateful. My mum woke me up to cheesy Happy Birthday music and  put balloons, banners and photos of me when I was little and recent ones too, it was so cute.

I can legally drink, go clubbing, which I very much enjoyed on my birthday and see 18 rated movies! I really only wanted to remind myself of these things to be honest.

Anyway I just wanted to say how I had amazing birthday and I'm so thankful for everything.

Love Sophie

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Beauty Advice for my Younger Self

When comparing my overall beauty routine and look to 4 or 5 years ago lets just say I have come a long way. There are so many things I wish I knew so that I could save myself from a lot of embarrassment, although all those embarrassing appearance moments has given me the chance to learn from my mistakes, which is what it's all about.

Saying this though there are somethings that someone should really have sat me down and told me NOT to do!

I can't tell you the amount of times I have cringed at my old photos where I can't even see my eyebrows. Okay fair enough having thicker eyebrows wasn't really a thing back then, but not having any eyebrows? I'm pretty sure that wasn't a thing either. I didn't even know filling in your eyebrows was a thing and I didn't need to fill them in either. But when I discovered tweezers I got obsessed with plucking my eyebrows, to be fair I still really like plucking my eyebrows, is it weird that I like the feeling! But I wish I either left them alone or got them done properly by a PROFESSIONAL because then I wouldn't have had to grow them out over the last few years which was difficult for a plucker obsessed girl. Eyebrows frame your face they are so important so just wait until they really need shaping. I can say I have learnt from this experience but I could have done without it for photographs sake.

#2 You don't need to wear foundation.
I remember the day I bought my first liquid foundation. Because of dancing I had used them before in shows but they needed to be dark for the bright lighting and I wouldn't put it on myself my Mum would do it for me. I went into town on a weekend shopping with friends I must have been 11 or 12 and we took a trip into boots around all the high street make up. Now I never really had any skin problems up to this point, I was really lucky but soon after I started getting more spots not loads but a fair amount because I was slapping on a foundation that wasn't covering up anything! I remember my friend was buying a foundation because she already had one before and I thought I should get one because she's getting one. I had no idea what I was doing, all the colours looked the same to me so I just picked up what ever, I probably bought the cheapest possible, it was so orange and I had no idea about blending. I did go through that stage of having a dark line on my chin and I'd wear this too school! getting it all over my school shirt.

#3 Don't cut your hair just because everyone else is.
I think I must have been maybe year 6 or year 7 when I cut a good amount of hair off maybe 6 or 7 inches. I always had long hair pretty much to my bum, but all my friends had short hair and I really wanted to cut mine as well, Mother told me I'd regret it because she did the same thing and really regretted it. But I didn't listen. I wasn't aloud to cut it as shot as I wanted, my mum was protecting my beautiful locks, and I'm so glad she did this because it would have made it even harder to grow it out. I loved it at the time and I am glad I did it because it showed me how bad I look with mid shoulder length hair and an awful side fringe. Looking back I really only wanted to cut it because everyone else was and I know now not to do anything unless I really want to.

#4  Do your makeup in NATURAL lighting.
Having that awful foundation already made my makeup bad but the fact I'd do it either in the bathroom with over head yellow light or with my really yellow desk lamp making me think it blended perfect with my skin! Please do your makeup in natural light or in white light, lighting changes everything when you go outside YOU WILL LOOK LIKE AN UMPA LUMPA!

#5 Please take off your makeup at night - your young skin is important.
Most nights I'd take my makeup off with a make up wipe, but it's really bad, sometimes I'd sleep in it!That's probably what gave me my first array of spots. I wouldn't always cleanse either, your skin is so important, if you look after it, it will make such a difference to your makeup especially when your young and pre-puberty it's better to get a head start.

#6 Don't shave your legs yet!
Self explanatory, I started too early because my friends had and I  really didn't need to no one would have noticed at a young age. It was a waste of time and razors. Stay young for as long as possible!

What would you advise your younger self?

Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Game Addiction History

Especially when I first got my iPod touch forever ago, must have been a really generation, I would play so many games and I thought I would put together some games I got seriously addicted to and hopeful that will make you wary before you download! 

It's so easy to get addicted to these games, its not being able to pass a level or getting really angry when something stupid happens that ruins your high score so that it makes you keep playing more and more. It's a clever way to make money I'll give them that. But don't spend your time playing these for hours just to realise you have home work due in the next day, I have done this, I'm not proud, but it happened and recurred I'm not going to lie, but lets move on!

Power of 2 - The most recent addiction that I have a massive high score on now of over 13k, from literally playing when I'm bored all the time. 

Traffic rush - Always used to play this on my iPod touch back in the day, and I still play it on my iPad mini sometimes 

Falcros - I still play this on my iPad mini sometimes its a puzzle game so less addictive but I have found my self still playing it after an hour!

Angry birds - Everyone had played this and I was addicted to it for a while when it was popular. 

Temple run, Flappy bird - These both went round my school for a game that everyone was playing, and it would make it even worse when someone had a higher score than you, so I'd spend hours trying to beat that just for someone else to get even higher.

Candy crush - Everyone has played this and lets face it we all got angry at this game! I think I got up into the 400 levels but my cousin completed the game many times before they updated it and added levels! At one point it was a little bit of a competition in my family with who was on what level! 

Aa - A very frustrating game, it's near impossible, do not download this, you've been warned.

Tap tap - I love this game, it brings me back to all the songs like tap tap revenge, and the many times I would drop my iPod from trying to get the motion action to work. You had to really throw it to one side so it would work and I can't help if it flung across the room out of my hands! I'd like to think that it would work better now but I'd probably still manage to throw it across the room. 

Frozen free fall - this is kind of like Candy Crush but Frozen themed, come on what's no to love. 

This post has made me sound like such a nerd! But I am so it's okay. 

Have you been addicted to any games? Was it any of these?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Glowing Obsession

First off did you like the title of this post? Not going to lie I'm pretty proud of those play on words I feel quite clever right now!

Anyway besides the title, todays posts is all about highlighters and illuminators, because I have become obsessed with them. I've always been aware of highlighting my cheek bones and have owned a fair amount but never have I been so into them that I can't go through a make up day without them.

Although summer now is officially over and my tan is fading away by the second, I still want that glowing look to add some definition and structure. And they're really pretty, come on they're sparkly and shinny whats not to love! So I have collected quite a few now, a mixture of cream and powder, and wanted to share my absolute favourites, some are more of a gold highlight others peachy and some more of a pearly white, all I enjoy experimenting and trying out with various make up looks.

First an absolute classic from Mac, Soft & Gentle, that I only just recently purchased while in Berlin. I love it so much that I talked about it in my September favourites. I always hear about the Mac mineralised skin finishes, but I've never actually owned one and so when I decided on getting one I was instantly drawn to this one in the store before even realising its famousness (not sure if this is a word but I'm gonna use it anyway).

Soap and Glory products really have a special place in my heart because of how good they are especially for the price and Peach Party definitely does not disappoint. It's funny that I have this in my post because its not actually mine its my friends that I found in my make up bag from Bestival! But I used it a lot while we were there and before I give it back I thought I'd talk about it as I am planning on buying my own. It's actually a blush brick that you can swirl all together for a overall glow but I also love it for the individual colours like the pearly white and the peachy colour as well.

Classic Benefit product High beam is great for a more subtle sheen but when those cheek bones catch the light oooo it perfection. I really love the formula I suppose you would call it liquid, but it just blends so beautifully into the skin even over powdered products.

This isn't actually a highlighter it's an eye shadow in Kitten from Stila however I use it a lot more often on my cheek bones and mines a little ruined now from being dropped and thrown around for so long. Just a little broken up!You can get in on sale now from the link at feel unique so better snatch it up quick!

Finally we have the gorgeous golden glowing product that is Benefit's Watt's Up! I had this on my wish list for so long and when I finally bought it back in July I can't say I was let down, it creates such a luminosity on your skin that you actually feel like a goddess, I can't get over how beautiful it is. It's is a cream product so finding an order to put this into applying your make up can be tricky as I have found that after any powder products it can make it very difficult to blend to the skin and sometimes becomes blotchy which is to be expected. So what I do is, apply and then when it comes to powder either avoid this areas as it can mute it down a little or use a light layer translucent powder over it to make it last.

Do you love highlighters as much as me? What are your favourites?

Monday, 5 October 2015

Polaroid Round up - Summer 2015

I held back on posting this until I had polaroids from Bestival and I'm glad I did because I took so many over that weekend, something like 25 photos! We kind of went a little crazy one night and just took so many funny ones.

One thing I really want to do, before Christmas preferably, is display them in my room. I've had my polaroid since my 16th birthday, and I'm 18 in less than 2 weeks so almost 2 years ago, I have taken so many photos since then that I haven't done anything with. What I love about polaroids is they capture moments in time that can't be repeated, there are no second prints like digital, and it's instant little memory no need to go and get the image printed. So I want to start taking even more of these, I know they can get pretty expensive but I bought the film bulk to save few quid this time, that's why I have so many from over the summer. Let's face it how often do we go and get photos printed these days, everything is digital so it's nice to at least have these. This might be my last year living at home and with all my friends from school and dance and college, moving on as well I wanna capture as much as possible.

I really really want to get a vintage polaroid or at least a different style one as well because sometimes I really want to have a bigger photo and seeing how older versions work is just so cool to me!

These are from a day out taking pictures with friends, the sky line photos are a bit of a fail I'm in one of them if you look really closely and my friends in the other one. We were trying to be all tumblr not going to lie, we just thought of it too late and didn't make golden hour (rooky mistake).

These are from my cruise which you can probably tell from the photo of the big old boat.

Berlin polaroids, these hold so many memories it makes me want to go back so bad. 

As I said there were a lot of Bestival Polaroids so much that I couldn't fit them all in one photo. I don't even have all of them here as some are too ugly for the internet, trust me it ain't pretty.

Shall I do more post like this? I loved looking back at all of these and remembering so many things that happened, and it's nice to put them all together in one point of time, maybe if I take a lot I could do another one after christmas.

Let me know what you think.

Lots of love Sophie

Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Favorites 2015

September has been a month of rediscovering products as well as finding new ones to love, and I found it hard to bring it down to these 7 products.

Make Up

I've always used the Urban Decay Primer Potion, every since loads of beauty vloggers raved about it way back when I first started watching youtube videos years ago, which was something that got me really interested in beauty and fashion. The original one has been the one I have repurchased many times but never have I tried one of the different colours available because I just didn't see the point. I got my mum into using this product (she loves it by the way!) and quite recently when she went to repurchase they didn't have the Original in stock so she went for the shade Edin instead. She didn't end up liking it because she felt it changed the look of the eye shadows colour, so it was passed on to me and I really like it. Something that makes it differ from Original is it matts out your eyelid and gives a sense of coverage so I use on my eyes even when I don't wear eyeshadow.

A purchase from Berlin, Mac's Soft & Gentle Mineralised Skin Finish has been in use probably every day of September! I have a little highlighter obsession at the moment and this one is a perfect addition to my growing collection.

Bare minerals is a brand that bought me into the world of high end make up with their little foundation started kit and so I have used the Mineral Veil Powder for a very long time now and have had an on and off relationship with it. Right now my skins doing pretty good (touch wood) and a powder like this is perfect to keep the skin this way because it's so gentle and soft .

I'm pretty sure this was either a free gift with something, or it might have been a present,  but the Benefit Bene Balm has barely left my side this whole month. It's basically a very strongly pigmented lip balm for less strong looks than lipstick. It's so good for my lips because I already have pretty dark lips and it just brings them out more an keeps them moisturised in the process.


As my tan fades away I need something to boost me a little so I don't become a full time ghost. I'm way to much of a scaredy cat to use fake tan so gradual tanners always work best for me and being a part of my shower routine makes it even better as it's so much quicker when you get out, theres no moisturiser to apply and not waiting for it to sink in to you can put your jeans on! Of course it's St. Toropez Gradual in Shower Lotion, its been all over blogs this summer.


Having no volume in your hairs is awful. Some times I catch a glimpse of my hair being completely flat to my head and it's just not a nice look. Finding a product that actually gives a little lift to my hair is near impossible especially finding one that lasts. Mind Blowing from Got2b has been a treat, I've never had so much lift and body. It's a mouse actually targeting body to the roots, and I've definitely noticed the difference, especially the more I use it.

And a last favourite of the month are theses Invisibobble hair bands. I got these in a glossy box recently and I was surprised by how much I like them. Often these traceless hair bands just can't hold my hair so I get frustrated and take them out, but these work pretty well, maybe not when I'm moving around loads like at dance but in general I love them to throw up my hair and not worry about taking it down and finding it with a massive kink in it.

What have you been loving through September?

Friday, 2 October 2015

Getting Back into the Swing of Things - A Catch Up

Hey there long time no blog!

It has been a while since I last uploaded and even when I did upload it was a long gap since I uploaded before. Since going from having so much free time in summer to being crazy busy at college I've had literally no time to blog and also with going away to Berlin and then going to Bestival It's cut back my availability even more.

So I thought I would take a little time to settle myself in my new college timetable along with work and dance and see where I can fit my blog in and around my crazy schedule, and let me tell you this isn't easy. I've been writing here and there where I've had a spare few minutes and I've even got quite a few post complete and ready to upload. But I didn't want to start uploading them until I had lots ready to go otherwise each post will be far apart and if it gets even more hectic in the coming weeks I want some post ready to go for you.

Anyway how have you been? Enjoying the back to school season? I've actually been enjoying it, in a way I like going back to school, although it does mean giving up my sleep ins and lazy days, it's great to get back to a routine and seeing friends and also getting to throw myself into my current projects. I really like to be busy and always have something to do but at the same time I am pretty lazy with a actually doing my work, which is a habit I'd like to break, but being back to that is comforting for me.

So as I said I went to Bestival a couple of weekends ago! It was such an amazing weekend, I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would, I didn't think I wouldn't like other wise I wouldn't have gone. It was just being worried about if I would miss my big double comfy bed and the warmth of not sleeping in a tent. But it wasn't that bad. Definitely want to go again next year!

Something else I was trying to work out was when I'm going to upload my posts; what days, how often etcetera. I think at the moment I want to go for 4 post a week but I'm not set on which days yet so for now it will be what ever days in the week. Possibly Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday but I'm not quite sure. What days do you like to read blogs and also what time of the day? I do schedule my post but they don't always go up on the time I schedule them for, which is really annoying but I try to get them up for the same time each upload.

Let me know what you think and look forward to lots more uploads and hopefully once I get going and get really organised I can upload more consistently and regularly.

Love Sophie

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