Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Tale of the Three Clutches

When it comes to evenings and going out the clutch has definitely over taken any other style of bag. We've seen them change and develop becoming over sized and also really really tiny, so with there being so many different shapes, sizes and styles it's difficult to decide what to go for. 

For me it's best to cover the basics and these three are my favourite that I feel do this as well as having their own individual flare, and I find myself reaching for them the most. Colour is most important for me so having a black, white and coloured in your clutch collection is always helpful. As well practicality, there are some out there that are so beautiful but yet can't even fit your phone in so bare this in mind. The best part about these three is that they all can work perfectly well with a completely black outfit (which I have sported in the photos) and change it up to go with different occasions. 

I love this bag from Miss Guided, it's actually a shoulder bag and comes with a strap but I love it as a clutch. I have a bit of a fringe obsession recently and is so perfect in white, especially on the black because who doesn't love a good black and white combo!

Clutch number 2 is from Just Fab. I love a good accent colour in an outfit, it makes it stand out from the overall look and also break up the different pieces especially when it comes to black clothing. It also matches my Sunnies!

Probably my most used is my final one from River Island. Everyone needs a classic black clutch, it's just so versatile and you can put it with pretty much any outfit and it will work beautifully. The gold edge to the clasp and slightly textured fabric used only on the flap adds a little more personality without loosing the classic style. This one is a hard clutch meaning it has a lot of structure to it where as the others are more soft it depends on preference what you like but I don't mind either but the harder cased ones are more durable.

What are your clutch favourites?

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  1. Lovely post dear! I love the first clutch! :)

    1. Thank you for reading!the first is probably my favourite too xx

    2. Thank you for reading!the first is probably my favourite too xx