Sunday, 29 November 2015

Time Flies

So it’s been a month since my last upload, which I don't know how this is possible it feels like a second ago it was September, and a lot of the previous posts were pre written because I went away to New York City on a family holiday over the half term. I wanted some content on here but didn’t actually think about how busy I would be by the time I got back. So much work to be catching up on at college!

I had such an amazing time; we’ve been before so didn’t do loads of touristy sightseeing, we actually did most of the sightseeing in the last few days the rest of the time we did smaller things and shopped, personally my favourite part. I spent so much money you don’t even want to know. Let’s put it this way, I went to Sephora 5 times .5 times in 6ish days. 5 TIMES. Just let that sink in. And don’t worry I left with at least 4+ things each visit. It got so bad that I was upgrades to a Sephora Beauty insider VIB member within a few days! I have a makeup addiction okay. Someone get me help?!

So I thought I’d share a few images of my trip and tell you a few of the things I did when I wasn’t dragging my poor family around Sephora and Brandy Melville!

We went to see Kinky Boots the musical on Broadway, I think on the first actual day we were there. I really enjoyed it but I love the theatre, me and my Mum don’t leave our local one we are constantly there seeing some show. However the show was meant to be set in Northampton in the UK and so English accents were required and lets just say they were butchered, I even forgot by the end that they were attempting them because they were so bad but the actual show was so good.

We also went to a Basketball game the next day, and I hate sport so wasn’t expecting to really enjoy it, but it was so fun, I had no ideas what was going on but I was cheering and getting angry. We saw the New York Mets who aren’t meant to be any good and they actually lost but we did get a snazzy orange free T-shirt because it was an opening game of the season!

We also went up the new World Trade Centre, this has amazing views and the same day we went up the empire state at night. If you’re ever going to New York and are thinking about going up the empire state definitely go up at night, the last time I went I did that, it’s a lot quieter so no massively long queues and the lights are so picturesque. But bring your gloves and scarf.

One of my favourite parts was on Halloween they open up a Christmas market in Bryant Park. I just love Christmas and they had so many cute handmade gifts and decorations it really got me in the festive spirit!

On the last day for breakfast we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. I you love food and musicals you will love this place the waiters all sing as well as serve you food. One minute your waiter will be picking up your plate and the next sing phantom of the Opera. Strange, but so fun.

We did so much but it felt like we were only shopping and walking around. I just want to be back there right now in my home land Sephora, or Bath and Body works or Brandy Melville!

Have you ever been to New York City before? What's your favorite part about the city?