Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Message for the New year

Last year I wrote out my new year's resolutions on the notes in my phone and I found them the other day after I wrote out my post on new year's resolutions and so I looked through  it and checked off what I did and didn't achieve. But when I reached the bottom I found that I had written this little message to myself that I had completely forgotten about. So I wanted to develop on it and share with you as something that you could take on board in your approach to the new year.

You choose how you feel. Things affect those choices of feelings but you truly have the controller in your hands. So I'm telling you, choose to be happy, choose to look at things in a different way, make that choice to overcome terrible things that life may throw at you. Remember there's so much to be grateful for even when there is something else you want. Remember what got you there in the first place. Dream. Dream as big as you can possibly dream. And make it a reality. A year is a long time, use every second of it to work towards that dream. Just because something's hard doesn't mean it's impossible, put the work in and someday though it may or may not be done in one year, it will all fall together and you will look back and wonder why you ever complained because the outcome is so amazing. Define who you want to be don't let others do that for you. This is your year, it's all about you, you, you, you. Cheers to 2016!

Lots of love,

Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello 2016

We all say it every year but last year has gone by so fast. It's weird to even say that 2015 was "last year" like that freaks me out a bit. It feels like yesterday we were all getting pumped for the 2012 olympics in London and now here we are going into another olympic year. Every January we make these goals and resolutions and every February I find myself resulting back to old habits. It's time to really make 2016 your year. I want to plan for an amazingly fulfilled year, but also welcome challenges and surprises that may come along the way, be spontaneous and where possible be a little bit reckless as well. I don't believe in the saying "new year, new me" because you can't make a new you, you can only become a better you. So I've made resolutions this year that I hope I can completely throw myself into may they be big or small goals, I want to achieve them.

1) Health and Fitness 

Probably one of the most recycled new years resolutions is to do with weight and fitness, we all have things we may want to change about our selves and I know in the past I would set goals of certain weights or dress sizes rather than being healthy. This year I aim to not focus on weight loss or a certain look but to just be more mindful about the types of food I put in my body and the amount of exercise I have in my routine, so much this year I have thrown away thoughts about healthy choices and have just eaten what ever. I think for me personally little changes work way better.

Within this there are a few little goals such as I really want to be able to do a proper push up, no girly substitute, a real push up , and actually be able to do 5 in a row! The main thing I want is to actually have some upper body strength because I currently have non at all.

2) Blog

I have so many plans for my blog and coming into this new year I just really need to get into a routine with it. Something I really want to do is improve my photography on my blog and take the time to learn tricks and little things to help me.

3) Be More Spontaneous 

2015 was filled with way more spontaneous moments than any other year before, and I've loved being way more out of my comfort zone even if it was just something small like deciding to go on a walk rather than just staying in. I think what has sparked it is being 18 and feeling super independent, but I don't think you need that, you just need to have open mind and a more relaxed approach to things and these spontaneous moments will become more natural. Anyway I really want to do more of this as the year continues.

4) Get on a Proper Sleep Schedule 

I love to sleep. Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy my sleep. The only thing is I get into a really bad habits of going to bed late and I need a good 8-9 hours and to be honest If I could I would have 10 hours every night. Just imagine that every day. So needless to say I'm not a morning person especially when I have to get up from continuous late nights therefore I need to get on a schedule where I go to bed at a good time and so can get up easier in the morning.

Some smaller resolutions I have that I would love to achieve as well:
5) Actually read some of the many books I have piled up in my room, there are lot but yet I keep buying more!
6) Utilise my time a lot more efficiently, for example Netflix and Dance Moms Box sets are not helping my A-Levels! It feels good at the time but I do need to just get on and do my work sometimes!
7) De-clutter my wardrobe, I've already separated out a lot of clothes I want to sell I just need to get on and do it. There is just so much I don't wear anymore and it's taking up so much space.
8) Stay positive. 2015 was a bit of a changed year for me, I decided to take charge of my happiness and be in general a more positive and better person. This is something maybe other people may not notice so much but I have noticed a huge difference in myself, in my general confidence and open mind to things I can see so much of a difference. This is only the beginning, 2016 is going to be filled with positivity and happiness even more no matter what life throws at me.

I hope you all had an amazing  2015, a fun New Years Eve and I genuinely believe 2016 will be the best yet!

What are you resolutions for the New year?