Monday, 17 August 2015

I'm Still a Kid at Heart. I Love Colouring!

As a child colouring was my absolute favourite thing to do I would always pick it if we had a choice at school. I suppose that was where my love for art and design started. I was that kid that started from an early age to colour in the lines, it still bugs me to this day when other people, even kids, who colour outside the lines; though sometimes it's good to colour outside the lines.

Anyway I read a blog post a few weeks ago, I really can't remember who's it was but, she was talking about trying out adult colouring books and just from the title of the post I was set on getting my own started. When I'm with kids and they're colouring I wanna just sit there and colour with them all day because I feel really little again. Being able to colour and not get judged for being "too old" for it (which really you can never be too old for colouring) is just amazing to me, and I actually find myself getting lost in the pages.

After trying it for the past few days I can say I'm hooked. It's something great to have right now when I'm off college and have a lot more spare time to myself, it gets me away from just sitting in front of the tv or computer for weeks on end. I really love reading but sometimes you just need something without very much thought (although choosing the right colour can be a challenge). You can obviously put in as much effort as you want, so sometimes I will just colour with what ever and make it super bright, others I have gone with a whole theme and some I've layered fine liners on top of felt pens and colour pencils for shading. This is just my artistic side coming out where I want to make them my own, because as my Mum pointed out I can draw myself, but my excuse is my favourite thing about art is colour and sometimes you don't know what to draw so it's easy to skip to my favourite part!

I just got back from my Holiday and it was such a perfect sun bed activity, you wouldn't believe how relaxing it is, time just flies when your doing it. Anyone can do it as well you don't have to be particularly arty or anything just the ability to colour, and you can put as much creativity into it by your selection of colours and layering of materials. I have been using it a lot as time to escape and think, in fact I have thought of a lot of up and coming blog post during this time, probably because my mind is put into a creative mode. I also find it great to get me in the creative mode so that I get myself to do at least a part of my summer college work.

I went a bit crazy and couldn't decide which book to start out with so I just ordered 3 from amazon that have good reviews although I have seen some of them in book stores and in my local Sainsburys as well. I've seen Millie Marotta's - Animal Kingdom book a lot and also Johanna Basford's - Secret Garden. As well as picking up another one of Millie Marotta's I think it's a more resent one called Tropical Wonderland. They're very reasonable price considering the amount of time it consumes and how many pages you actually get in the whole book.

What are your thoughts on adult colouring books? Because I love!

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  1. completely agree with you, I love colouring, I'm subscribed to Art Therapy, you should definitely check them out!

    Emma | x

    1. Sounds like my kind of place I'll have to do that thank you

  2. I love these I've been meaning to get them!