Friday, 2 October 2015

Getting Back into the Swing of Things - A Catch Up

Hey there long time no blog!

It has been a while since I last uploaded and even when I did upload it was a long gap since I uploaded before. Since going from having so much free time in summer to being crazy busy at college I've had literally no time to blog and also with going away to Berlin and then going to Bestival It's cut back my availability even more.

So I thought I would take a little time to settle myself in my new college timetable along with work and dance and see where I can fit my blog in and around my crazy schedule, and let me tell you this isn't easy. I've been writing here and there where I've had a spare few minutes and I've even got quite a few post complete and ready to upload. But I didn't want to start uploading them until I had lots ready to go otherwise each post will be far apart and if it gets even more hectic in the coming weeks I want some post ready to go for you.

Anyway how have you been? Enjoying the back to school season? I've actually been enjoying it, in a way I like going back to school, although it does mean giving up my sleep ins and lazy days, it's great to get back to a routine and seeing friends and also getting to throw myself into my current projects. I really like to be busy and always have something to do but at the same time I am pretty lazy with a actually doing my work, which is a habit I'd like to break, but being back to that is comforting for me.

So as I said I went to Bestival a couple of weekends ago! It was such an amazing weekend, I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would, I didn't think I wouldn't like other wise I wouldn't have gone. It was just being worried about if I would miss my big double comfy bed and the warmth of not sleeping in a tent. But it wasn't that bad. Definitely want to go again next year!

Something else I was trying to work out was when I'm going to upload my posts; what days, how often etcetera. I think at the moment I want to go for 4 post a week but I'm not set on which days yet so for now it will be what ever days in the week. Possibly Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday but I'm not quite sure. What days do you like to read blogs and also what time of the day? I do schedule my post but they don't always go up on the time I schedule them for, which is really annoying but I try to get them up for the same time each upload.

Let me know what you think and look forward to lots more uploads and hopefully once I get going and get really organised I can upload more consistently and regularly.

Love Sophie

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