Monday, 31 August 2015

Studying Lots of Art A-Levels

I am currently studying A2 Textiles, A2 Photography, A2 Fine Art and AS Sculpture. And previously last year did AS Graphics instead of sculpture. Doing such heavy course work based subjects is soooooo much work ( I would put more 'o's but I don't want to scare anyone), with deadlines all at the same time and a lot of independent study required for each subject. A lot of colleges won't let you take more that 2 art A-levels which I can see why but I'm so glad my college lets me do it because I love my lessons everyday. Before choosing these I was warned over and over how stress full it will be for me and how much work there is. I'm sure if you were considering doing this as well then you will get the same from many teachers just so you don't do something you'll regret. I just wanted to let you know from a students point of view what's it's like, the best parts, the worst parts and what you can expect. Of course it will be different at different sixth forms but even if you are considering taking two or more art based subjects this will give you a general idea.


With any A-Level there are going to be busy periods and calm periods of the year. It's just being multi arts your busy times will all be in the same few weeks, and then a very busy deadline week. There will be crazy weeks where you have no idea how it's possible to get it all done and then when everyone else has lots of revision for exams you'll have completely no work, or maybe have time off.


Pretty much every task in art is time consuming which means you have to work that much harder to make sure you complete all required work on time. There really isn't much if any time to mess around. Every lesson is important because it means it's less you have to do in your own time; it is literally impossible to get everything done in lesson time so make it easier for yourself while you have all the equipment available. You also constantly are working towards a deadline so don't slow down.


The best part about studying these subjects is I love college everyday. This will be the case if your passionate about what ever it is you study may it be Science, English, Sport or more creative subjects as long as you enjoy it and put in the effort it doesn't have to be arty subject, that's just me. If you look at it simply you are doing something practical 85% of the time in an art lesson and your constantly being creative which is what I do best. However if you think you might get bored of this maybe at least consider a non creative class just to keep your timetable more broad, that's just not for me, but it might be best for you.

Remember that it's your choice what to take and don't let others influence you it's your future not theirs.


Because of the amount of work needing to be produced in really not ever enough time, means you might have to give up lunches, breaks and going out. I love being busy and so I do way too many things at the moment so for me I don't mind giving up breaks and lunches to make my work as good as possible. But if this scares you a bit trust me you will need to if you want a good grade so you are going to have to get use to it. If you really think about it a few missed conversations with your friends or trips out here or there really isn't the end of the world when your futures concerned. I'm not saying you shouldn't have breaks, don't do this all the time you need that social aspects as well for a balance, just consider you might need to when it gets close to the deadline time.


I know so much about the mark scheme now because it's the same in all my subject. I also have written so many artist researches across the board that it's second nature. It can sometimes be repetitive in lessons but you find things so much easier to understand and so can get on with it a lot quicker. Use your transferable skills as well, weather it's stitching in photography or painting skills in textiles this will make you stand out and if you know how to why not!

I hope this is an insight if you were thinking or are going to study multiple Art A-levels or anything similar.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blogs You Need to Read

Recently I have been reading so many blogs. Not kidding I would say at least 2 hours a day is spent scrolling through Bloglovin' and reading various different posts, I just have way to much procrastinating time on my hands in the summer holidays.

So because I've been reading so many there have been a few that I have found myself being drawn to continuously and then reading older post of theirs as well getting excited about a new post soon!

My favourites always change, heck I'll probably change my mind tomorrow but these have stuck for a few weeks now and if your not already reading them you should. Sometimes it's their photography I love, other times advice they give is so relevant for me, maybe it's their reviews on products, I like so many different blog posts it's just what ever floats my boat.

Some I have here have a huge following others not as massive if I like it that's all that matters really! Definitely go follow these on Bloglovin' as well as follow me on there it's such a great place to find new blogs to read and enjoy and they can also be really helpful for your own post inspiration!

From Roses - The photography is bright and beautiful and Rebecca writes daily posts and they are always so creative it's impossible not to love.

A Girl, Obsessed - This one is a new one for me that I found more recently. Their are so many advice posts that I have found so useful like the blogging ones and make up tips. I think it has a real down to earth feel as well.

Andieology - Photograpahy is beautiful and the I love the layout and style of blog, as well as the writing draws me in every time.

Carly Rowena - This is actually a fitness related blog, and you will not be let down when motivation is concerned. I don't read too many fitness blogs just because I often feel over whelmed with healthiness! And then I kind of reject it and don't want to work out or eat healthy as it seems impossible but this one has really help and doesn't throw crazy routines in your face it's more advice to get you motivated.

Dizzybrunette3 - The other day I read Corrie's, Thoughts I had Watching the PLL Summer Finally Post, and I was laughing so much at it because I was thinking so many of those same things as her and I thought is was such a creative post idea.

gh0stparties - I really like how clean cut it is. The photos are precise but also have exciting flares to them as well as the writing draws you in quickly.

Do you have any blog favourites?

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Stila Colour Balm Lipstick

Just before I went on holiday (which now after over a week feels like years ago) my very kind Mother bought me a new lip stick when we were out together and also one for her self from Stila. After trying both mine and my Mums out over the past three weeks or so I've gathered up an undecided feeling for them because it has a lot of pros and cons. Never really hearing anything about their lip products I didn't really know what to expect, which in some ways is nice so I could have a clear mind on what my opinion is on them

My one is the deep berry, plum colour, which is the shade Brigitte. And my Mums is the more maroon beigey brown colour, but it does come out kind of pink, in the shade Ali.

First off the packaging is beautiful. I love the overall silver mirrored look and then having the simple brands name cut out from this to reveal the individual lipsticks colour. I love how it's the colour of the lipstick in the name part because then you never put the wrong lid back on the wrong lipstick!

It simply twists up from the base, I prefer this to a trying to be cleaver lipstick, it's just classic and simple. And also the lid really easily pops on but needs to have a little bit of umph (didn't know how to describe this) to pull it off, so there is no chance of it coming off when roaming free in your handbag. 

When it comes to the actual product this is where it lost a bit of its excellence. 

Shape of the lipstick itself is very round, and also not very slanted. Other lipsticks will have a large slant, when you first get them at least, this is to help with application to the lips however this one is quite flat it still has a slant but not a lot. It's completely flat across it as well making it strange and hard to control when applying, especially when you have small lips like me, I'd like it to have more of a rounded edge. 

Something I did really like about it though is the smell! It has a peppermint and almost floral scent to it, which I think was it trying to have a pluming effect, you can feel that slightly but not a lot however I still love it just for the scent. 

Below in the swatches, top one is Ali and bottom is Briggitte.

The formula is very very creamy and glides perfectly as though it's almost a lip balm. In someways this is nice because your lips feel quite moisturised but this means it comes off pretty easily. When I blot my lips after applying it loosing the amazing pigmentation of them but if I don't blot them all the colour will be at the edge of my lips in a matter of time especially when I have an extremely bad habit of rubbing my lips together. 

Even if they come off as glossy lipsticks after a while they still stain my lips pretty well obviously not with a lot of pigmentation. 

Overall I don't think I would buy any other colours just because I prefer other brands formulation and shape but they will stay in my collection for some use now and again. 

Have you tried any Stila lip Products? Tell me what you think!

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Tale of the Three Clutches

When it comes to evenings and going out the clutch has definitely over taken any other style of bag. We've seen them change and develop becoming over sized and also really really tiny, so with there being so many different shapes, sizes and styles it's difficult to decide what to go for. 

For me it's best to cover the basics and these three are my favourite that I feel do this as well as having their own individual flare, and I find myself reaching for them the most. Colour is most important for me so having a black, white and coloured in your clutch collection is always helpful. As well practicality, there are some out there that are so beautiful but yet can't even fit your phone in so bare this in mind. The best part about these three is that they all can work perfectly well with a completely black outfit (which I have sported in the photos) and change it up to go with different occasions. 

I love this bag from Miss Guided, it's actually a shoulder bag and comes with a strap but I love it as a clutch. I have a bit of a fringe obsession recently and is so perfect in white, especially on the black because who doesn't love a good black and white combo!

Clutch number 2 is from Just Fab. I love a good accent colour in an outfit, it makes it stand out from the overall look and also break up the different pieces especially when it comes to black clothing. It also matches my Sunnies!

Probably my most used is my final one from River Island. Everyone needs a classic black clutch, it's just so versatile and you can put it with pretty much any outfit and it will work beautifully. The gold edge to the clasp and slightly textured fabric used only on the flap adds a little more personality without loosing the classic style. This one is a hard clutch meaning it has a lot of structure to it where as the others are more soft it depends on preference what you like but I don't mind either but the harder cased ones are more durable.

What are your clutch favourites?

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Beauty Wish List #1

Having a slight makeup obsession I have this need to buy more and more products so I can add them to the growing collection. The packaging is just so pretty and the shiny new untouched product really gets my juices flowing (inappropriate? nah). 

But as beauty products do rely on money and often a lot of it I have to restrain from buying everything and also read reviews so I don't waste my money. So here are 8 items that I have my eye on and as soon as I can bring myself to spend money on them I will do but for now its a wish that still needs to be granted. 

1 - Benefit's Puff Off 

2 - Emma Hardie - Wanting to try this forever just really cannot bring myself to spend so much on a cleanser (which is stupid when skin care is so important) but every review I've read and watched have only praised it so I don't think I'll be let down. 

3 - Anastasia Powder Brow Duos - To be honest I want all of their brow products. and contour products as well!

4 - Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation 

5 - Essie Nail Polish in Thigh High - Autumn is coming! 

6 - Urban Decay Naked Smoky Pallet - I signed up for the email to tell me when this was realised and it's been out a while now but I have yet to purchase.

7 - Essie Nail Polish in Glamour Purse

8 - Zoeava Brushes - I already have way too many brushes but ... rose gold and peach pink, how could I possibly resist? 

Whats on your wish list?

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Holiday Blues

Returning from a holiday is never fun,  especially when I had to go to work the day after I got home. Wasn't amused.

So I thought I would just put together my favourite photos of the trip so I can, in my head, still be away from the rainy UK!

Most of them are from the ports we visited and some of the places we went in port, so much of Europe doesn't get enough recognition for how beautiful they are, with gorgeous little lanes and amazing architecture. As well we took a tour behind the scenes on the ship and so some of those are included, which I really recommend it was very interesting, the amount of food and washing is insane. Enjoy!

 Sophie xox

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

3 Most Used Shades | UD Naked Pallet

When it comes to eyeshadows with out a doubt Urban Decay has the best quality silky formulas that are on another level to other brands, its not once let me down in the many years I've been using them. 

As you can probably tell I have had my Naked Pallet for quite some time I actually think this was the first of their eye shadows I tried. It's got me through really bad make up experiments, nights out, Prom and just everyday life. The pallet itself is so versatile and I would say is my favourite of the three, I'm just a sucker for the originals ( The tv program as well).

I'm sure it's pretty clear but I have three shades that I use the most often or use to use a lot.

My generic look that I always use to use when I first got this pallet was the colour Toasted (4th in from right) on the lid, Buck (5th in from left) or Naked (3rd in from left) in the crease and then Hustle (3rd in from right) on the outer edge. Since then I have learned a few things and found that Toasted is a pretty dark shade for the lid especially for during the day. But it is still my absolute favourite colour in the pallet and still use it quite regularly so much so that I think I'm going to have to buy a separate pot of it. 

Sin (2nd in from left) gets used so much and this is running low as well! I just love the pink and purple under tones I think it really brings out my brown eyes and it adds a brighter feel to any eye look. 

Finally Naked. The perfect mid toned matt brown. A great day time crease colour that isn't too dark but also doesn't get swallowed by the lid colour. I also use to use it to fill in my brows when I first discovered that brows were a thing. Now it doesn't quite cut it for my strangely shaped brows needs but it was great at the time. 

What are your most used favourites from this classic product? 

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Monday, 17 August 2015

I'm Still a Kid at Heart. I Love Colouring!

As a child colouring was my absolute favourite thing to do I would always pick it if we had a choice at school. I suppose that was where my love for art and design started. I was that kid that started from an early age to colour in the lines, it still bugs me to this day when other people, even kids, who colour outside the lines; though sometimes it's good to colour outside the lines.

Anyway I read a blog post a few weeks ago, I really can't remember who's it was but, she was talking about trying out adult colouring books and just from the title of the post I was set on getting my own started. When I'm with kids and they're colouring I wanna just sit there and colour with them all day because I feel really little again. Being able to colour and not get judged for being "too old" for it (which really you can never be too old for colouring) is just amazing to me, and I actually find myself getting lost in the pages.

After trying it for the past few days I can say I'm hooked. It's something great to have right now when I'm off college and have a lot more spare time to myself, it gets me away from just sitting in front of the tv or computer for weeks on end. I really love reading but sometimes you just need something without very much thought (although choosing the right colour can be a challenge). You can obviously put in as much effort as you want, so sometimes I will just colour with what ever and make it super bright, others I have gone with a whole theme and some I've layered fine liners on top of felt pens and colour pencils for shading. This is just my artistic side coming out where I want to make them my own, because as my Mum pointed out I can draw myself, but my excuse is my favourite thing about art is colour and sometimes you don't know what to draw so it's easy to skip to my favourite part!

I just got back from my Holiday and it was such a perfect sun bed activity, you wouldn't believe how relaxing it is, time just flies when your doing it. Anyone can do it as well you don't have to be particularly arty or anything just the ability to colour, and you can put as much creativity into it by your selection of colours and layering of materials. I have been using it a lot as time to escape and think, in fact I have thought of a lot of up and coming blog post during this time, probably because my mind is put into a creative mode. I also find it great to get me in the creative mode so that I get myself to do at least a part of my summer college work.

I went a bit crazy and couldn't decide which book to start out with so I just ordered 3 from amazon that have good reviews although I have seen some of them in book stores and in my local Sainsburys as well. I've seen Millie Marotta's - Animal Kingdom book a lot and also Johanna Basford's - Secret Garden. As well as picking up another one of Millie Marotta's I think it's a more resent one called Tropical Wonderland. They're very reasonable price considering the amount of time it consumes and how many pages you actually get in the whole book.

What are your thoughts on adult colouring books? Because I love!

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A Quick Catch Up

It's been very difficult to get my post uploaded these past 2 weeks because I'm on holiday. I have wifi but it really doesn't like my laptop and it only worked for the first few days of my trip. I writing  from my phone at the moment because it works perfectly fine, it think it's mainly because my laptop is pretty slow and old now and so connecting to a new wifi is a lot of work for it. That's one of the reasons I have a desktop computer as well now.

I've had posts scedualed but not taken the photos yet and left it for this trip in my spare afternoons but as I couldn't get the images up I just didn't bother. But of course I forgot I schedualed the posts already which were waiting for me to copy in my text (as I've written them on word when I didn't have any internet at the time). Anyway I have a few blank posts that have uploaded with just a title that I have deleted them but on bloglovin they still come up. I think it's so ridiculous that you can't delete your own posts on bloglovin and when I email them they say no they can't do it either. It's a annoying but I love the platform so I can't complain. You get a little sneek peak into coming posts now! 

Aside from the moan about posts I just wanted to write this post while I'm having a nice lay down on the sun bed (and probably will take a nap soon!).

I'm have such a lovely time on my cruise it's so relaxing and we've had really good weather as well, although saying that it's ment to rain a little tomorrow. I'm a nice golden colour not super tan but not really burned, although I have a rectangle shape of burn where I missed it with sun cream the other day. I can't believe I only have 2 days left before I get back home. I've heard the weathers not too bad in Southampton but knowing my luck it will be thunder storms when I get home! I've done a bit of shopping and walking around at the different ports, not really done activitys which were too exciting but the places we have visited are beautiful just for a stroll.

Tomorrow I am dreading though because I get my AS results! I haven't really thought about it too much and probably would have forgot if I wasn't reminded by other people and my parents, but I think I'll be fine. 

I've taken pretty much all my photos on my cameras so the one I have here is a random one I took on my phone of the cathedral in Mallorca which is so beautiful by the way! 

See you soon

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Gibraltar Shopping

Yesterday we arrived at the first port of my cruise, which was Gibraltar, so it was time to get off the ship and do something other than sleep round the pool. I have literally been having 4 hour naps once or twice a day, and sleeping through night, its really tiring laying on a sun bed all day!

I've been here before on another cruise so we decided to spend the day just going around the shops and mainly soaking in the sun, because it was very hot, instead of going to look at the monkeys. While looking around the shops I got some Ray Ban sunglasses, that I have been wanting forever and actually almost bought before I left, but I'm glad I didn't because they were discounted and who doesn't love a discount. I'm so incredibly pleased with them because I've never had a really nice pair of sunglasses before, I always just bought cheep pairs, and it feels so great to have some that actually fit on my face and don't dig into my temples and give me a head ache.

Dress - Miss Guided
Denim Jacket - BooHoo
Shoes - Converse
Necklaces - New look sale 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

I tried to get this up yesterday and a post the day before but blogger has been playing up a bit and I was trying to work out the wifi on the ship but all should be sorted now and I'll post as much as possible while I'm away. 

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