Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Favorites 2015

September has been a month of rediscovering products as well as finding new ones to love, and I found it hard to bring it down to these 7 products.

Make Up

I've always used the Urban Decay Primer Potion, every since loads of beauty vloggers raved about it way back when I first started watching youtube videos years ago, which was something that got me really interested in beauty and fashion. The original one has been the one I have repurchased many times but never have I tried one of the different colours available because I just didn't see the point. I got my mum into using this product (she loves it by the way!) and quite recently when she went to repurchase they didn't have the Original in stock so she went for the shade Edin instead. She didn't end up liking it because she felt it changed the look of the eye shadows colour, so it was passed on to me and I really like it. Something that makes it differ from Original is it matts out your eyelid and gives a sense of coverage so I use on my eyes even when I don't wear eyeshadow.

A purchase from Berlin, Mac's Soft & Gentle Mineralised Skin Finish has been in use probably every day of September! I have a little highlighter obsession at the moment and this one is a perfect addition to my growing collection.

Bare minerals is a brand that bought me into the world of high end make up with their little foundation started kit and so I have used the Mineral Veil Powder for a very long time now and have had an on and off relationship with it. Right now my skins doing pretty good (touch wood) and a powder like this is perfect to keep the skin this way because it's so gentle and soft .

I'm pretty sure this was either a free gift with something, or it might have been a present,  but the Benefit Bene Balm has barely left my side this whole month. It's basically a very strongly pigmented lip balm for less strong looks than lipstick. It's so good for my lips because I already have pretty dark lips and it just brings them out more an keeps them moisturised in the process.


As my tan fades away I need something to boost me a little so I don't become a full time ghost. I'm way to much of a scaredy cat to use fake tan so gradual tanners always work best for me and being a part of my shower routine makes it even better as it's so much quicker when you get out, theres no moisturiser to apply and not waiting for it to sink in to you can put your jeans on! Of course it's St. Toropez Gradual in Shower Lotion, its been all over blogs this summer.


Having no volume in your hairs is awful. Some times I catch a glimpse of my hair being completely flat to my head and it's just not a nice look. Finding a product that actually gives a little lift to my hair is near impossible especially finding one that lasts. Mind Blowing from Got2b has been a treat, I've never had so much lift and body. It's a mouse actually targeting body to the roots, and I've definitely noticed the difference, especially the more I use it.

And a last favourite of the month are theses Invisibobble hair bands. I got these in a glossy box recently and I was surprised by how much I like them. Often these traceless hair bands just can't hold my hair so I get frustrated and take them out, but these work pretty well, maybe not when I'm moving around loads like at dance but in general I love them to throw up my hair and not worry about taking it down and finding it with a massive kink in it.

What have you been loving through September?


  1. So many lovely products - I really want to try both Soft & Gentle and the UD Primer Potion they seem amazing!

    Lucy |

    1. Soft & Gentle is so beautiful you wont be let down !