Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Game Addiction History

Especially when I first got my iPod touch forever ago, must have been a really generation, I would play so many games and I thought I would put together some games I got seriously addicted to and hopeful that will make you wary before you download! 

It's so easy to get addicted to these games, its not being able to pass a level or getting really angry when something stupid happens that ruins your high score so that it makes you keep playing more and more. It's a clever way to make money I'll give them that. But don't spend your time playing these for hours just to realise you have home work due in the next day, I have done this, I'm not proud, but it happened and recurred I'm not going to lie, but lets move on!

Power of 2 - The most recent addiction that I have a massive high score on now of over 13k, from literally playing when I'm bored all the time. 

Traffic rush - Always used to play this on my iPod touch back in the day, and I still play it on my iPad mini sometimes 

Falcros - I still play this on my iPad mini sometimes its a puzzle game so less addictive but I have found my self still playing it after an hour!

Angry birds - Everyone had played this and I was addicted to it for a while when it was popular. 

Temple run, Flappy bird - These both went round my school for a game that everyone was playing, and it would make it even worse when someone had a higher score than you, so I'd spend hours trying to beat that just for someone else to get even higher.

Candy crush - Everyone has played this and lets face it we all got angry at this game! I think I got up into the 400 levels but my cousin completed the game many times before they updated it and added levels! At one point it was a little bit of a competition in my family with who was on what level! 

Aa - A very frustrating game, it's near impossible, do not download this, you've been warned.

Tap tap - I love this game, it brings me back to all the songs like tap tap revenge, and the many times I would drop my iPod from trying to get the motion action to work. You had to really throw it to one side so it would work and I can't help if it flung across the room out of my hands! I'd like to think that it would work better now but I'd probably still manage to throw it across the room. 

Frozen free fall - this is kind of like Candy Crush but Frozen themed, come on what's no to love. 

This post has made me sound like such a nerd! But I am so it's okay. 

Have you been addicted to any games? Was it any of these?


  1. temple run is an old favourite of mine, I may just go and re download it now!
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. Oh no I've started you off on a old addiction careful not to get too attached!