Monday, 31 August 2015

Studying Lots of Art A-Levels

I am currently studying A2 Textiles, A2 Photography, A2 Fine Art and AS Sculpture. And previously last year did AS Graphics instead of sculpture. Doing such heavy course work based subjects is soooooo much work ( I would put more 'o's but I don't want to scare anyone), with deadlines all at the same time and a lot of independent study required for each subject. A lot of colleges won't let you take more that 2 art A-levels which I can see why but I'm so glad my college lets me do it because I love my lessons everyday. Before choosing these I was warned over and over how stress full it will be for me and how much work there is. I'm sure if you were considering doing this as well then you will get the same from many teachers just so you don't do something you'll regret. I just wanted to let you know from a students point of view what's it's like, the best parts, the worst parts and what you can expect. Of course it will be different at different sixth forms but even if you are considering taking two or more art based subjects this will give you a general idea.


With any A-Level there are going to be busy periods and calm periods of the year. It's just being multi arts your busy times will all be in the same few weeks, and then a very busy deadline week. There will be crazy weeks where you have no idea how it's possible to get it all done and then when everyone else has lots of revision for exams you'll have completely no work, or maybe have time off.


Pretty much every task in art is time consuming which means you have to work that much harder to make sure you complete all required work on time. There really isn't much if any time to mess around. Every lesson is important because it means it's less you have to do in your own time; it is literally impossible to get everything done in lesson time so make it easier for yourself while you have all the equipment available. You also constantly are working towards a deadline so don't slow down.


The best part about studying these subjects is I love college everyday. This will be the case if your passionate about what ever it is you study may it be Science, English, Sport or more creative subjects as long as you enjoy it and put in the effort it doesn't have to be arty subject, that's just me. If you look at it simply you are doing something practical 85% of the time in an art lesson and your constantly being creative which is what I do best. However if you think you might get bored of this maybe at least consider a non creative class just to keep your timetable more broad, that's just not for me, but it might be best for you.

Remember that it's your choice what to take and don't let others influence you it's your future not theirs.


Because of the amount of work needing to be produced in really not ever enough time, means you might have to give up lunches, breaks and going out. I love being busy and so I do way too many things at the moment so for me I don't mind giving up breaks and lunches to make my work as good as possible. But if this scares you a bit trust me you will need to if you want a good grade so you are going to have to get use to it. If you really think about it a few missed conversations with your friends or trips out here or there really isn't the end of the world when your futures concerned. I'm not saying you shouldn't have breaks, don't do this all the time you need that social aspects as well for a balance, just consider you might need to when it gets close to the deadline time.


I know so much about the mark scheme now because it's the same in all my subject. I also have written so many artist researches across the board that it's second nature. It can sometimes be repetitive in lessons but you find things so much easier to understand and so can get on with it a lot quicker. Use your transferable skills as well, weather it's stitching in photography or painting skills in textiles this will make you stand out and if you know how to why not!

I hope this is an insight if you were thinking or are going to study multiple Art A-levels or anything similar.

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