Monday, 24 August 2015

Stila Colour Balm Lipstick

Just before I went on holiday (which now after over a week feels like years ago) my very kind Mother bought me a new lip stick when we were out together and also one for her self from Stila. After trying both mine and my Mums out over the past three weeks or so I've gathered up an undecided feeling for them because it has a lot of pros and cons. Never really hearing anything about their lip products I didn't really know what to expect, which in some ways is nice so I could have a clear mind on what my opinion is on them

My one is the deep berry, plum colour, which is the shade Brigitte. And my Mums is the more maroon beigey brown colour, but it does come out kind of pink, in the shade Ali.

First off the packaging is beautiful. I love the overall silver mirrored look and then having the simple brands name cut out from this to reveal the individual lipsticks colour. I love how it's the colour of the lipstick in the name part because then you never put the wrong lid back on the wrong lipstick!

It simply twists up from the base, I prefer this to a trying to be cleaver lipstick, it's just classic and simple. And also the lid really easily pops on but needs to have a little bit of umph (didn't know how to describe this) to pull it off, so there is no chance of it coming off when roaming free in your handbag. 

When it comes to the actual product this is where it lost a bit of its excellence. 

Shape of the lipstick itself is very round, and also not very slanted. Other lipsticks will have a large slant, when you first get them at least, this is to help with application to the lips however this one is quite flat it still has a slant but not a lot. It's completely flat across it as well making it strange and hard to control when applying, especially when you have small lips like me, I'd like it to have more of a rounded edge. 

Something I did really like about it though is the smell! It has a peppermint and almost floral scent to it, which I think was it trying to have a pluming effect, you can feel that slightly but not a lot however I still love it just for the scent. 

Below in the swatches, top one is Ali and bottom is Briggitte.

The formula is very very creamy and glides perfectly as though it's almost a lip balm. In someways this is nice because your lips feel quite moisturised but this means it comes off pretty easily. When I blot my lips after applying it loosing the amazing pigmentation of them but if I don't blot them all the colour will be at the edge of my lips in a matter of time especially when I have an extremely bad habit of rubbing my lips together. 

Even if they come off as glossy lipsticks after a while they still stain my lips pretty well obviously not with a lot of pigmentation. 

Overall I don't think I would buy any other colours just because I prefer other brands formulation and shape but they will stay in my collection for some use now and again. 

Have you tried any Stila lip Products? Tell me what you think!

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  1. Great review, I like that you presented both the pros and cons of the formula. The colors do look pretty, but I was also especially them to be much more pigmented than that!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    xx K

    1. It's such a shame the formula doesn't quite come close to the beautiful packaging other wise there would be no cons really. thanks for reading! xx

  2. This looks amazing! Beautiful packaging and colors!! I don't have any but would love to try it! THanks for sharing :)

    xoxo Emily