Tuesday, 18 August 2015

3 Most Used Shades | UD Naked Pallet

When it comes to eyeshadows with out a doubt Urban Decay has the best quality silky formulas that are on another level to other brands, its not once let me down in the many years I've been using them. 

As you can probably tell I have had my Naked Pallet for quite some time I actually think this was the first of their eye shadows I tried. It's got me through really bad make up experiments, nights out, Prom and just everyday life. The pallet itself is so versatile and I would say is my favourite of the three, I'm just a sucker for the originals ( The tv program as well).

I'm sure it's pretty clear but I have three shades that I use the most often or use to use a lot.

My generic look that I always use to use when I first got this pallet was the colour Toasted (4th in from right) on the lid, Buck (5th in from left) or Naked (3rd in from left) in the crease and then Hustle (3rd in from right) on the outer edge. Since then I have learned a few things and found that Toasted is a pretty dark shade for the lid especially for during the day. But it is still my absolute favourite colour in the pallet and still use it quite regularly so much so that I think I'm going to have to buy a separate pot of it. 

Sin (2nd in from left) gets used so much and this is running low as well! I just love the pink and purple under tones I think it really brings out my brown eyes and it adds a brighter feel to any eye look. 

Finally Naked. The perfect mid toned matt brown. A great day time crease colour that isn't too dark but also doesn't get swallowed by the lid colour. I also use to use it to fill in my brows when I first discovered that brows were a thing. Now it doesn't quite cut it for my strangely shaped brows needs but it was great at the time. 

What are your most used favourites from this classic product? 

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