Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blogs You Need to Read

Recently I have been reading so many blogs. Not kidding I would say at least 2 hours a day is spent scrolling through Bloglovin' and reading various different posts, I just have way to much procrastinating time on my hands in the summer holidays.

So because I've been reading so many there have been a few that I have found myself being drawn to continuously and then reading older post of theirs as well getting excited about a new post soon!

My favourites always change, heck I'll probably change my mind tomorrow but these have stuck for a few weeks now and if your not already reading them you should. Sometimes it's their photography I love, other times advice they give is so relevant for me, maybe it's their reviews on products, I like so many different blog posts it's just what ever floats my boat.

Some I have here have a huge following others not as massive if I like it that's all that matters really! Definitely go follow these on Bloglovin' as well as follow me on there it's such a great place to find new blogs to read and enjoy and they can also be really helpful for your own post inspiration!

From Roses - The photography is bright and beautiful and Rebecca writes daily posts and they are always so creative it's impossible not to love.

A Girl, Obsessed - This one is a new one for me that I found more recently. Their are so many advice posts that I have found so useful like the blogging ones and make up tips. I think it has a real down to earth feel as well.

Andieology - Photograpahy is beautiful and the I love the layout and style of blog, as well as the writing draws me in every time.

Carly Rowena - This is actually a fitness related blog, and you will not be let down when motivation is concerned. I don't read too many fitness blogs just because I often feel over whelmed with healthiness! And then I kind of reject it and don't want to work out or eat healthy as it seems impossible but this one has really help and doesn't throw crazy routines in your face it's more advice to get you motivated.

Dizzybrunette3 - The other day I read Corrie's, Thoughts I had Watching the PLL Summer Finally Post, and I was laughing so much at it because I was thinking so many of those same things as her and I thought is was such a creative post idea.

gh0stparties - I really like how clean cut it is. The photos are precise but also have exciting flares to them as well as the writing draws you in quickly.

Do you have any blog favourites?

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  1. Ohhhh thank you so much, that is so sweet! :) xx

    1. That's okay Hun just really been enjoying it ! Xxx

  2. Ohhhh thank you so much, that is so sweet! :) xx