Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Summers over! Now What?

So the summer is officially over for me, it's back to college today and back to normality. I say it every year but the summer just went so fast. How is this possible when I didn't do a lot for a large part of !

I feel like I've changed and grown up a lot in the last few months, which sounds crazy to say when really how can a person change that much is that short span of time. But a lot of things have forced me to grow up a bit even though I don't think it's possible to lose my silly and crazy nature. The main reason for this is I can now officially Drive! I passed my test towards the end of July and bought a car mid August after my holiday, and literally every time I get in my car and drive around I have to pinch myself and realise that this is not joke, you're drive a real life car, and it's yours! I still feel like a kid it's just so weird to me. I  mean I actually own this really big and grown up item and am responsible in every way for it. To much seriousness for me .

As well as this I went on a holiday with my friends where you really need to be responsible for yourself,  I'm actually so proud of myself that I didn't die cause it was a likely possibility. I think where I'm also approaching 18 I just see things different, I don't care as much what people think , if I look like a mess in public it doesn't bother me and so many other things that used to really bother me just don't at least not in the same way.

I know I have so much more to learn but I suppose it's the start, I'll never stop acting like a kid but I'm changing and I think it's a good thing.

Going back to college is so strange especially when I think that I just finished my first year and here I am doing my last year before possibly heading off to Uni! This thought scares me so much and I don't quite feel ready, but then at the same time I feel so far away from school life that I couldn't imagine ever going back. Can I just do hundreds of A-Levels? Is that possible?

This summer was so much fun as well as filled with a lot of time for sleep and relaxation! I was very lazy but I did need a break from my crazy schedule during term time, so kind of justifiable. I hope.

I want to set a few goals for at least the coming months because as always I have failed to do a few things over the summer that I wanted to do. Such as eating healthier and working out. It's always on my to do list and I really need to stick to it once and for all. I wasn't going to tell no one but I've had 4 McDonalds, 1 KFC and lots and lots of pizza (+alcohol) in the last week. It's at it's lowest need less to say.

There are things I have to look forward to which you saw in my 8 Things I'm excited for post, these things keep me going, this is such a good idea to have things your looking forward to even if its just something like lunch (which I always look forward to) it gets you through those long school days.

Please try not to dread going to school or hate it, have a positive outlook on things this year. I tried so hard at this last year to be positive as much as possible and everything just felt so much easier, and I'm determined to carry this into this year and work at it even more. Each day will slowly become smoother and you will literally be living on the bright side.

Try new things; join a sports team (I'll save other people from injury by not doing this myself), go on a spontaneous trip, try that new art technique you've always wanted to have a go at but never had the guts to do, wear that crazy outfit thats not "trendy". What ever it is I want you to do it, rip that plaster off and just try because you never know it could be the best thing you have ever done and if it wasn't you haven't lost anything. Just don't repeat the last year even if it was the best school year ever, you can have an even better one.

I'm actually excited for whats to come and although the end of summer is very depressing it does have to end some time (unfortunately), lets just think going back to school means we're that much closer to Christmas! Sorry is it too early for that? I can't wait to learn new things, meet new people and develop my work and myself as a person, the future is an exciting mystery.

What was your favourite summer moment? What are you going to do to make sure you have an amazing school year?

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  1. Really well written, I enjoyed reading it. I love your positive outlook on life :)