Thursday, 3 September 2015

Comedies That Never Fail to get me Out of a Rut

Something about me that you probably don't know is I love movies. I have an insane dvd collection haven't counted for a while but it's got to be near 800! It's an obsession. A problem.

For me if I'm feeling down the best way to make me feel better is to watch a good old comedy. So I have put together a list of comedies that really help to really get you laughing and if you haven't seen them you should not all of them are insanely fully but still will definitely make you laugh.

STEP BROTHERS - so funny I can't describe.

WHITE CHICKS - always quote this movie.

STICK IT - one of my all time favourite films.

BRIDESMAIDS - the puppy bit gets me crying with laughter.

SUPER BAD - some weird things happen but it's so hilarious.

21 JUMP STREET - Channing Tatum and comedy. no more to say.

COOL RUNNINGS - such a classic with an amazing story behind the jokes.

What films always make you feel better?

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