Monday, 27 July 2015

8 Things I'm Excited for

Some new and exciting ventures are in the near future that I am really excited about!

#1 Summer- who doesn't like lots of time away from college and responsibilities. I can't wait to spend the rest of it with friends and make it a memorable one this year. 

#2 Cruise - I'm going on the Anthem of the Seas for 2 weeks in August! So really soon now less than a week! (look out for related posts!)

#3 Berlin- so many trips planned over summer and me and a big group of friends have just booked a few days in Berlin! 

#4 Bestival - this will be my first camping festival and I'm so excited for the experience the music and most of all the fashion. 

#5 Finally passing and driving test! - and hopefully getting a car to go with that. 

#6 Blog - developing my blog and giving it a lot of love while I have lots of spare time. 

#7 My 18th - in October I have loads of plans for the few days surrounding this event (hopefully including alcoholic beverages!) 

#8 My trip to NYC with my family in October - really looking forward to this one! 

Have you got exciting future plans ?

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