Friday, 24 July 2015

What I Learned in My AS Year

This school year has gone so fast it literally feels like a couple weeks ago I was getting my GCSE results and starting sixth form college, before I know it I'll be off to Uni (now that's a scary thought). I've just finished my last few weeks of college after 3 weeks off, which after just lazing around everyday was something I had to ease into. But I think its a great time to reflect and maybe even bring a positive change to my second year. So I though I'd share with you some of what I have learned about myself and what I have learned in general with my work.

YOU Need to Make the Effort

When your at school you don't realise how much the teachers do to make sure you do the work and get your homework done, until you are at college and a lot of teachers will be annoyed if you don't do your homework but its clear that it is your fault if your results is effected. You are aloud to make a change in your own education and are taught to have more self discipline which will help when moving on to university and the working world. This has made me realise that for me personally I respond so much better to a slightly more relaxed approach of teaching; what I mean is being able to get on with my work and then given advice on improving it specific to my personal project. Although because of my perfectionist problem I do need a good check list to tick off and the occasional reminder that there are deadlines and my three pieces of perfect work won't be enough to fill a whole sketch book!

Making Friends is Hard 

I moved into sixth form without any of my closest friends from school, they all went to a different college, this was hard. In school I was nervous about going without any of my friends but I was also intrigued and excited to make new friends; I don't know why but I thought it would be easy! From this I've realise how shy I can be when I'm not with people I'm comfortable around and people who know how weird I can be (which is most of the time). Don't forget everyone's in the same boat, everyone wants to make friends and everyone's feeling a bit awkward and shy. I just need to put myself out there more and just be me because I'm bloody brilliant! 

I Can Do It

After completing a total of 11 or so projects across this year in my various subjects I can now look back and be so proud of the work I have produced. It's so easy to look around the room at others work or look at things on social media and think you are not good enough or your work isn't as good as someone else's, making you think you can't do it (this goes for academic subjects and comparing grades as well). Looking back now, I realise that it is possible, who cares what others have done all that matters is what you are doing.

The Queen of Procrastination

My time guesses for tasks are alway extremely optimistic and so I think I can get something done in like 20 minutes but realistically it will take me over an hour and then I end up rushing things. I mean when I have loads of time and need to get things done I will even tidy my room to keep from finishing my work! It's a problem and I am really trying to be more self motivated for my second year because it is going to be even harder, so getting everything done quickly will help me to enjoy the experience a lot more. 

Leaving it All to the Last Minute 

I suppose this is similar to the last point but if there is one this I'm going to try really really hard not to do next year is leave everything to a few weeks or even days before it is due in, especially all the
mounting and annotations. The worst thing about me is I subconsciously know that I will get it done in the end, this is so bad because the panic nearing the deadline forces me to do everything. And what makes it even worse is a lot of my best pieces are done in a panic but then things like presentation and my written work doesn't do so well under pressure. 

I'm so excited for A2 and what this school year will bring.
What's coming up soon that you're excited about ?

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