Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Long Awaited Update

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So it's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to just sit down and write a post, I've missed it so much. Coming into the new year I wanted to get organised and you know change a few things like I discussed in my new years resolutions post. But that's so difficult when you go back to college with crazy deadlines and your stuck with all the work you didn't complete in the previous year, so you try and start a fresh but your still dragging along your poor organisation skills from 2015. Anyway I haven't really had much of a chance in those aspects of my life to catch up and make changes so now that my deadlines are all finished I can actually be more positive about my new projects. It's been a lot of 3 hour naps instead of going to bed properly these last few weeks so I'm still pretty exhausted and am catching up on sleep but definitely soon I'll be way more myself rather than crazy deadline Sophie, who leaves everything to the complete last minute.

Isn't it crazy that we are already a whole month and a half into 2016! Christmas feels like forever ago, though I do still have a bag sat in my room full of Christmas decorations I'm yet to put away! I've had so much new makeup to play with, which is exciting because then I can include them in reviews and posts, though I've been at that addict stage the last few days where I have been so obsessed with watching makeup gurus on YouTube and just want more and more make up. Not too good for my empty bank account. Make up is a serious addiction that I haven't quite found a way to calm yet.

Talking of makeup, Gwen Stefani's Collection with Urban Decay has now launched! Cant remember exactly when but I got one of those auto emails for Urban Decay telling about it coming out just a few days before and I got really excited! If you are sat there thinking there's so much make up I want but I just can't afford it, oooooohhhh I feeeeel yaaaaa sista! So many people have raved about the eye shadow palette making me want it more and more of course and I did have it on my Christmas list but I ended up with the Vice 4 palette instead because I asked for that as well. It will for sure be a little wait before I can buy any of it, but a girl can dream!

So tomorrow (or today when this post will go live!) is a very exciting day, I've been looking forward to for over a year now since it was booked! I'm going to Tokyo, Japan on a trip with my Sixth Form College! I can't believe I'm actually leaving in the morning, of course I'm yet to completely organize myself, I mean I didn't just put all of my washing on the night before or anything (whoops). So it is a bit stressful, and should probably be sorting myself out now but here I am. I think it's going to be such an amazing trip, I'm so grateful to get to visit such amazing places across the world and this is somewhere so different to anywhere I have been before! I'm really getting myself all excited now.

Hopefully when I get back I will actually sort myself out and get some content up on a regular basis, but life is very crazy at the moment, but when isn't let's face it. I haven't even had time to read any blogs let alone write my own, and that is crazy for me because one of my favourite things to do is read the latest blog posts. And with the days getting longer again I have way more time to take photos and am not restricted to a couple hours of good light every day.

Speak soon, maybe with some Japan themed posts?!

Lots of love

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