Thursday, 3 December 2015

NYC Bath and Body Works Haul!

Okay this is going to be a big post so apologies in advance. While in New York it was vital to find a Bath and Body works to go and spend way too much money on making myself and my room smell beautiful. Come on why do we not have this beautiful place in the UK, I’d be broke, but the good smelling kind of broke. Saying that though they do the most amazing deals that kind of forced me to get more and more like buy three get three for free, let's just say the luggage was definitely not the same weight as it was on the way out!

Autumnal smells are the best and although it is December now that won't stop me from using my apple scented things. So I bought these 2 scents, Suncrisp Apple Harvest and Perfect Autumn Day probably my favourite things I bought. I wish I bought Apple Harvest in the shower gel and in every possible option because I just get so many compliments when I wear it. So in Perfect Autumn Day I have the shower Gel, Body lotion and Fine Fragrance Mist and then in the Suncrisp Apple Harvest I have the Mist and the 24 hour moisture Ultra Sheer Body Cream.

With all the offers they had going on I ended up getting these 2 soaps and 2 shower gels. To be honest I didn't actually know what was going on half the time, the sales assistants kept saying you need to go pick free items and free stuff is exciting so to the amount of stuff kept getting bigger and bigger every second. It was all one big accident! So I got Brandied Apple Pear and the classic scent Sweet Pea in the Deep Cleansing soaps. And then 2 Shower Gels in Moonlight Path and Beautiful Day.

There was another deal on antibacterial hand gels I can't remember what but it was you save money if you purchase 5 so of course I bought 5 as they are only small. So I got Give Thanks, Beautiful Day, Fresh Sparkling Snow, Fall Lakeside Breeze and Stress Relief. 

How could I have gone to Bath and Body works and not pick up a candle or two... or you know 4. On the new winter Holiday items everything was on offer and so the candles were half price at around $12 so I had to get 2 and basically get one for free. Thats the logic in my head. So I got Winter Sun a very warm but almost frost scented, then Frosted Cranberry, and I'm so drawn to Cranberry scents the sweet fruitiness of them attracts me. And then I actually didn't buy any candles that weren't in a collection I just didn't find ones I like all that much plus there was needed restraint because candles are heavy! So I bought Wine Cellar, which I am currently burning and Harvest Gathering from the Wine country collection very autumnal smelling.

And then finally because my purchase was not only over I think $30 but extremely exceeded that I got to have this tub of christmas items for an extremely discounted price, which I cannot remember! But it came in this big tub and cam with; Vanilla Bean Noel Shower gel, body lotion, fragranced mist and hand gel. And then in the scent Twisted peppermint ; a deep cleansing hand soap and then in Winter Candy Apple a nourishing hand cream and gentle foaming hand soap, and not to mention a very dense good luffa.

So that was a long post but I hope you enjoyed it!

Whats your favourite festive scent?


  1. i desperately want to go to bath and body works!

    from helen at

    1. It's the most amazing place if we had it over here it would be amazing